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Shiakallis & Co Audit Services Ltd

Shiakallis & Co Audit Services Ltd

Sincere services to its clients since 2000.

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Full Description

Our company, from its very first day of establishment, which was the first working day of 2000, was engaged to do its utmost to offer sincere services to its clients. Our company, Shiakallis & Co Audit Services Ltd, is a dynamic firm providing auditing services for companies registered in Cyprus, either of local interests or not.

We undertake to provide a full range of auditing services and in collaboration with a reliable network of associates we provide services that practically serve our clients. We believe in the close professional relation with our clients, within the framework dictated by legislation and the International Auditing Standards.

The central role as regards to the operation and provision of services is held by Mr. Nicholas Shiakallis, ACA. The gradual and dynamic development of the company forms the preconditions for further development of the company, its departments and of course its people.

We aim always at offering effective financial consulting to our clients in order to be able to act promptly and substantially so as to avoid any financial problems; we concentrate though on such advice that will enhance the performance of each company and on its proper financial operation by applying the necessary procedures and points of control.

The needs of the companies that are engaged in the Cyprus market (either of local or international interests) are complex; thus, we have established the appropriate infrastructure to be able to offer all necessary services.

We emphasize to a great extent on our philosophy of working (Our Values), so that our clients, our way of working and the whole team of Shiakallis & Co Audit Services Ltd to fall into line with the desirable level of result.

Should you wish so, kindly contact us for any clarifications and detailed information about our services and way of collaboration.





Katsoni 8, 1st floor, Office 101, Nicosia, Cyprus

Telephone Number:

+357 22319990