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Full Description

The spreads we are offering are the tightest interbank spreads in Forex. Regardless of a transaction volume the spreads on major and most liquid currency pairs can be as little as 1.8 pips for all types of trading accounts.
To meet various client’s demands we have introduced a number of trading account types that differ by allowed equity, trading volumes and leverage ranges. The Beginner account type for instance allows to enter the live market trading with volumes as little as 100 units of base currency (0.001 standard interbank trading lot).

We guarantee the absolute price transparency by providing equal access to quotations to every client coupled with the instant execution technology that enables execution of an instant order at the quotation you see in the quotations and deal windows or in the chart at conditions of sufficient instrument volatility. If the execution of the Client’s order cannot be performed at the specified price due to certain market conditions the platform may offer another execution price.
Order execution, history reporting, technical support and account administration services are free.

We equip you with one of the most innovative yet stable and secure trading platforms in the market. The platform delivers a complete set of tools to analyse the market, manage your investment portfolio, receive the latest industry news and even request withdrawals from your Live account.
Our clients have constant access to all the necessary global economic data, technical analysis releases and daily market overviews published on our webpage.
Being a global market Forex is open for trading 24 hours a day 5 days a week .
The company grants its clients a competitive margin for trading. Normally a margin accounts as 0.25% of a deal amount which means a leverage level of 400:1. You may perform small amount transactions such as $10,000 or even $100 with a Beginner type trading account, with competitive interbank spreads usually reserved for larger contracts.




Infin Markets Limited –°lassic House, 1st Floor, Office No.2, 133, Arch. Makarios III Ave., 3021 Limassol, Cyprus

Telephone Number:

+357 25 730 875