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Cyproman Services Limited (Cyproman) was incorporated in 1996 and commenced operations in the same year. Initially it concentrated in providing trustee services. Gradually though, it has expanded in offering a wider range of services, accommodating the business needs of today’s entrepreneurs. Cyproman has full fledged offices in Nicosia and Larnaca, and offers similar services in Limassol through its subsidiary firms C.P. Palema Ltd (Palema) and APZ Services Ltd (APZ). Over the last few years Cyproman, Palema and APZ combined, became one of the largest providers of Fiduciary and Administration services in Cyprus offering their services to a well diversified clientele. Cyproman has been granted an authorization from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission to provide Administrative Services under registration number 56/196.

Cyproman is dedicated to act quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining professionalism, to achieve clients’ objectives in the best possible manner, always with a personal approach.
Cyproman is committed to implement Anti-Money Laundering procedures based on an Anti-Money Laundering Manual. A section of such manual addresses the requirement of updating client information and particularly with regards to new clients, it provides guidelines for collecting identification and information for the new client and acceptance of the same should the new client fulfill the requirements. As a result, it has been requested by Cyproman to follow a number of and sustain additional procedures and formalities.





12 Esperidon Street, 4th Floor CY-1087 Nicosia P.O. Box 22096 CY-1517 Nicosia

Telephone Number:

+357 22474000